10 ideas for an unusual weekend with children

Even ordinary weekends can be turned into
exciting adventure for children, one has only to show imagination.
We offer you 10 of the most original ideas for joint

выходные с ребенком


Go hiking

Outing on nature is the best option for family
day off.
You can go to the cottage, have a picnic in
near the house to the park, and it is better to go to the real pedestrian
hike! Children will be delighted. If you go far, then a big
Part of the journey can be driven by car or train, and
only the second part of the road to go on foot arranging halts. Not
Remember to take the essential components of this campaign: the map,
a compass – well, on a halt, make a fire, cook a marching soup, and
also boil tea over a fire.

с ребенком в поход


Courses for little chefs

Children love to help adults, cook dinner with them
for the whole family. Choose the most festive recipes, and if the children
older, then try to cook national specialties.
It is also an excellent reason to tell the kids about the game.
features of foreign cultures. Let the children not only
they peel potatoes, but they also serve the table with festive tableware,

Of course, under your supervision.


We build an impregnable fortress

Your children probably more than once built houses and fortresses from pillows,
chairs and blankets? Станьте главным прорабом, возведите для
kids most impregnable fortress or a cozy house from the usual
. Let it be outwardly outside, the main thing is that
on quiet evenings you can climb there with the children and
tell them mysterious stories or read your favorite fairy tales.

домик из одеял


Motor! Remove the family movie

Tell the children that today you’ll be making a real movie and
the main role will be the mother, mother and children – there will be no joy of the little ones
limit. You can beat the scenario of a famous fairy tale, and
easier – make a movie about one day in your life
Write together a real script,
distribute roles, sew costumes and start shooting. Let be
Children will feel that this is not a game! Such a family holiday is not
will only teach the kids to work in a team, but also give them a shanas
show your acting skills. Mount video on
computer, add beautiful music and save the movie as
напоминание об одном из счастливых weekends.


Holiday every weekend!

Children love holidays so much, but not only day can make them happy
of birth. To please them, no need to wait for a special occasion,
let the holiday happen on a regular day off
(almost every day in the calendar is marked by some
holiday or historical date).
Today is Day
cosmonautics, world builder’s day or defense day
animals? An excellent opportunity to tell children about the traditions of this day, about
A new profession or an unusual rare animal. And to secure
titles, go with the whole family to the zoo,
planetarium or museum. If the weekend coincided with one of the traditional
Russian holidays, for example, with Maslenitsa, go to
festivities. And then – bake together pancakes or look.
themed movie.


School repair

Children love all kinds of permutations or repairs. Same
Interesting: hammer nails with dad, paint a fence or
choose a place for new shelves. Go to the everyday task
creatively – draw a plan, create decorations for your house
by hands. If you are not ready for such global changes as
перестановка мебели, то просто купите новые шторы в
nursery, let the children choose for themselves new multicolored
подушки и одеяла
. Such an occupation will not only unite the whole
family, but also allow in a game form to transform your home.


Photo session for the whole family

Long dreamed of beautiful professional family photos,
Then feel free to go for a real photo shoot. Not экономьте,
choose the best photographer and beautiful studio with the original
the interior. Let be новые снимки будут отражением вашего семейного
happiness, because children grow up so fast, manage to capture them
first smiles or steps. If you can go to the photo shoot
No, do not be sad, arrange it at home! Let be дети вместе с вами
will develop the subject of shooting: a pirate ship or the castle of the princess?
Create decorations from improvised means, and as
the photographer let someone from the family or
. Print photos and decorate with family
portraits of the whole house.



Create a home garden

Long dreamed of own small greenhouse on the balcony,
Let children be the main helpers. Buy together new pots,
even the most simple, children’s imagination will help turn them into
real designer interior decorations. Let be малыши
paint pots with acrylic paints or make a simple technique
Decorate the finished composition with pebbles or
shells that you brought from vacation. Let be в вашем
miniature garden will settle fancy little animals or family
small ceramic gnomes.


Arrange an evening of board games

Board games are not only the usual lotto and monopoly! You
wonder how big the choice is now games for every taste and
age. Create a small library of favorite games at home, and
the question of what to do in your spare time with the whole family will be decided by himself
by myself. By the way, there are such games in many cafes! In addition,
Many cities organize иг рот »- – – clubs where they gather
board games people. They will be happy to answer
Your questions will learn to play and help determine the choice.
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interesting and useful


Sports and Health Day

You can arrange for the whole family day of health and sports. Get started
output with universal charging to energetic music, and let in
As a trainer, the children themselves act, let them lead
process. After lunch, go jogging in the park or
прогулку на велосипедах
. In the evening, organize at home
spa, let mom and daughter make each other moisturizing masks
from fresh cucumber, and father and son will hold a master class on

Go to the cinema or cafe, ride a hill or
bake together a festive cake – children, in fact, not so important than
It is you who will be busy at the weekend. They will appreciate even the usual walk,
The main thing is for parents to devote themselves to babies and not to remember

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