10 games with children for Christmas and New Year

Today we will share with you ideas on what you can play with the kids
for New Year and Christmas. Simple and fun games will make a holiday
funny and unforgettable, will help to take the kids. 10 fascinating
игр для детей for New Year and Christmas.

There are many interesting New Year games for kids. Games not only
will create a good mood, but also develop fantasy in babies,
attentiveness and speed of reaction.

  1. Guess the animal. The presenter pulls out a card with
    animals and shows the child. The kid should show this animal with
    using movements, children must guess.
  2. Decorate the Christmas tree. One child is chosen
    the rest of him dress up like a Christmas tree.
  3. Collect the snowflakes. For 10 seconds, children need
    collect all paper snowflakes.
  4. Confusion. You need to touch their parts.
    body, which calls the lead. The leader’s task is to confuse
  5. Pens at the ready. Children should cover
    drawing that calls the lead.
  6. The most attentive. The leader reads poems. With
    the word “snow” children should jump.
  7. House for a snowman. From clear plastic
    cups we collect the house.
  8. Mods. Children sit back. Lead Takes
    a piece of children’s clothing, asks who to wear it and on which
    part of the body. Children respond.
  9. Ice in hands. Passed from hand to hand
    little piece of ice. Lost the one from whom she melted.
  10. Have fun. Children are asked to show gestures and
    movements, how to sculpt a snowman, skate, search
    gifts under the tree.

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