10 games to overcome child aggression

At a certain age, parents notice that a child is like
changed: he becomes impulsive and uncontrollable. Usually this
happens in the period from 2 to 4 years and is associated with the notorious crisis
three years old. �”Clamp” and suppress strong negative
emotions can not, then they need to be given a way out. Best for kids
�”Let off steam” through the game. How to get rid of the nursery
aggression through games, will be discussed below.


Nature of child aggression

In some situations, show aggression is completely normal.
even small children. Nature laid down so that when we have something
threatens – we defend ourselves. For example, to surrender a bully who
selects a toy in a sandbox or pushes – normal protective
reaction. But sometimes aggressiveness becomes “chronic”
condition of the child. The child is not only defending himself, but also attacking
himself, with no apparent reason. It says baby
constantly pressing something, he cannot relax and constantly “on

To work with child aggression has borne fruit, you need to find out
the cause of this condition.

1. “Weather in the house”

When parents constantly quarrel and scream, the child feels bad.
Young children are peculiar to egocentrism, that is, a sense of self
�”Center of the universe.” Because of this, in the case of family quarrels, the child is all
takes on his account because he believes that the whole life of the family
rotates around it. The baby has the following in mind
�”Puzzle”: “Once mom and dad swear, it means I’m not good.”

2. Doubtful methods of education

When parents do not cope with their emotions and shout at
ребенка (полезно для мам: что делать, если вы постоянно кричите
на своих детей)
, бьют его, наказывают молчанием и
ignoring the child goes out of balance – hence the aggression.
Even such a popular method with parents, how to scare a child apart
(“Now uncle will take you to your place” or “I went, and you are here
stay “) causes a violation of behavior, because for a child
being separated from the parent is very scary and he is constantly in

3. Poor garden atmosphere or
the school

Sometimes in children’s groups there are kids-tyrants who
keep the whole group or class under pressure, and the rest are forced
constantly releasing spikes to protect yourself. Unfortunately,
aggressors are not only peers, but also teachers
(educators, teachers). In order to retain power over children
collective, they use threats, humiliate children.

5. Rejection and blocking of children’s feelings and
of emotions

A small child is not only smiles and laughter, but also whims
(см как правильно на капризы реагировать), крики, слезы,
insults. If negative emotions and feelings are not accepted
parents, they are accumulating and transformed into aggression. Failure to accept
can manifest itself in the form of a ban on feelings (“Boys do not cry”)
or in the form of ridicule of feelings (“Dissolved nurses, oh, how not

6. High level of anxiety in a child

Often, the parents themselves drive the child’s anxiety if
step themselves are worried about him and everywhere they see danger (“On the swing
нельзя  — упадешь», «К собачке не подходи – укусит»). There are and
just by nature very sensitive and impressionable kids,
which all scares. In both cases, the child begins to think that
the world is hostile to him, and shows aggression as a defense
from surrounding hazards.

Manifestations of aggression in children


The aggressive behavior of a child may manifest itself in the following

  • fights;
  • bites;
  • attempts to kick, beat parents;
  • name calling and rude language;
  • aggressive actions directed at oneself (a child can
    to scratch your arms and legs, bite yourself, pull your hair,
    bang your head);
  • quarrels with peers due to the fact that the child never
    agrees to assignments;
  • imitation of the negative characters of fairy tales (Koschey the Immortal,
    Baba Yaga), while the child ignores positive characters.

Games – let off steam

Help the child express aggression so that no one
hurt, best through the game. Psychologists distinguish special
games in which you can work out aggressive behavior
throw out emotions. These games are suitable for a whole group of children, and
in order to play mom alone with her baby. The best thing
for games to allocate a separate time and does not limit it. Not
It is possible that from some games at first the child will not
tear off

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1. “Callbacks”

For the game you need a small ball. We get up with the child in front of each other
friend and begin to flip the ball. For each roll throwing
должен назвать соперника «обидным» словом. True word
it should be conditionally offensive: not rude curses, but ordinary ones
words, for example: “Mama radish!” – “Vanya watermelon!”, etc.

2. “Pylevybivalka”


Great game to give an outlet for aggression on the physical level.
Take a soft pillow of medium size and ask the child to help.
knock the dust out of it. A child can do with a pillow all that
anything you like: beat her with your hands kick, toss, even scream.

3. “Let’s fight?”

Arm with your baby with small pillows and arrange
the battle. To create a fun atmosphere, you can turn on the music. Before
the game agree on the rules: you can only fight with pillows,
Cannot call names. If someone gives up or speaks rudely
– the game stops. Strictly follow the rules.

4. “Shelling snowballs”

Prepare “shells” with your child: as snowballs you can
use crumpled paper. Throw each other paper
snowballs, not forgetting to hide in shelters and dodge
�”Shells” opponent. Children like this “war” very much and are ready
play it for very long.

5. “Fireworks”

Prepare a pack of colored paper that you give to
�”Torn” child. The essence of the game is that the child first vomits
sheets of paper to pieces, and then throws up the scraps up. The most
the main thing is to prepare more paper for the child to play before
until the interest runs out, and then you need to liquidate together
the effects of the game from the floor.

6. “We roll the ball”

Take a tennis ball and lay it on the surface so that
he didn’t roll anywhere. The task of the child – to blow the ball to
moved from place. In a more complex version, you can come up with
different trajectories and try to force the ball to roll the ball exactly
by him. A deep breath that is inevitable in such a game is very good.
relaxes all muscles and soothes, so breathing exercises
very effective when dealing with aggression.

7. “Storm”

You can play this game while swimming, or you can just type
water in a deep and wide tank, imagine that this is the sea, and
invite the child to arrange a storm. The child must blow on the water so
to get the waves.

8. “Lord of the wind”

Sit in front of the child and declare him the lord of the wind. Him
the task is to blow as hard as possible. Mom at this time plays along
kid, portraying how it blows away from the spot, and with all his might
resisting gusts of wind.

9. “Stubborn little donkey”

The best thing малышу лечь на что-то мягкое, чтобы не отбить себе
heels. So, the child fits, for example, on the bed,
raises his legs and with a force lowers them down on each stroke pronouncing
�“No!”, “No way!”, “Never!”, Etc.

10. “Home football”

The game requires a small pillow or rag ball (to
If something happens, do not break the chandelier. Child and mom (or dad) play
football, having previously agreed on what to do in
the game, but what can not. The point is to give the child plenty
kick, leave the ball.

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To understand which games are more effective for your
child and are interesting to him, you need to try all the options.
When playing, do not dwell on what you are doing to overcome it.
aggression. Enjoy the process and let the emotions go – this
very important to achieve a good result.

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Aggression in young children, the advice of a psychologist

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