10 games that bring joy to your baby

Want to diversify your communication with
baby? Here moms on the forums share simple, fun and
simple funny games:


1. “Goat Dereza”

Tickle the baby slightly with a “goat” folded from the fingers. Can
make scary eyes. My little son liked this game with 3
months. Now Aleshka is already 2 years old, and we play a little differently:
I make horns on my head and butt him, and he also shows horns and
butts me back. There are several options for this familiar to all with
childhood rhymes. We like this:

«Я коза-дереза, Всей деревни я гроза!
Забодаю я рогами, Дай мне каши с пирогами! Have
меня крутые рожки,
Дай конфеток мне немножко! �”.

Olga D., mother of Alyosha

2. “Ladushki”

�Ladushki is our one of the very first games in which we
we involve the child. Сначала я сама беру ладошки Ани в свои
hands and clap them. В 8 месяцев дочка начала сама делать
«ладушки�”. Can играть в «Ладушки» ножками. Very daughter

�“Ladushki-ladushki” – clap your hands; �“Fly” – raise
handles high above the head; �”We sat down on the head” – touch the handles


Goodies you, okay. – Where were you? – Have
– What did you eat? – Kashka. – And what
– Mop. – And what на закуску?
Sour cabbage.
– Поdrank? Have eaten Shoo,
They sat on the head.

Ekaterina T., mom Ani

3. Hide and seek

I played with small children like this: for a short while I covered my face with my hands,
she said “ku-ku” (necessarily in a cheerful voice), then she removed her hands:
�“And here she is mom! �”. Every time they laughed! Can взять ребёнка на
hands and hide with him behind the curtain, and let dad looks.
When the crumb starts to walk, he will hide from you. In ordinary
Hide and seek can start to play with 1 year old. First hide so
that the kid saw you partially, call him, hide in the same thing
a place.

Tatyana A., mother of Alyosha, Artyom and Alena

4. Надеть шляпу – снять шляпу

Ребенок надевает взрослому на голову шляпу (можно несколько –
Each other). Adult makes a surprised funny face, tilts
head forward and … hat falls. Burst of laughter!

Marina D., Misha’s mother

5. Conan the destroyer

All kids love to tear down the tower of cubes. My Vova does it,
closing his eyes. Rumble a lot. Счастья – тоже.

Polina N., mother Vova

6. Funny faces

Wrung funny faces, laugh. It is very contagious and
funny! Kids begin to imitate. Emotional rise and you, and
they provided!

Svetlana B., mother of Tanya and Dima

7. Find a card

We with my Sonia (1 year and 2 months) play like this. I’m laying out
cards from children’s lotto with images of animals and objects
I ask, where is the bunny? And she finds and shows with her finger.
The main thing: the perky tone of an adult and the desire to play with his
the sun.

Natalia I., Sonya’s mom

8. Hit the ball in the box

My sons really like this simple game. I like this,
that so quietly you can clean up all the toys :)

Elena S., mother of Sasha and Serezha

9. You to me, I to you

Sit in front of the baby and push him a big ball. Wait,
until the child does the same.

Olga T., mother of Nastya and Ani

10. Over bumps, over bumps

All kids love to jump on their knees in adults, on beds,
jump off sofas, etc. Never bother! Put the baby
rock your baby on your knees and on every stressed syllable
up and down under the merry pateshka. Totally young child
You can pick up and jump with him. Если малыш плакал,
instantly calm down and laugh. It works 100%!

Elena K., mother of Matthew

I told poems and rhymes, they are very children
like, bought all sorts of toys, rattles to feel them. Any
emotional communication with the child stimulates him to know
the world around us.


Here you can download a mega selection of games with baby on
– https://yadi.sk/i/tt_2vA2PqXxZ3

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