10 fun facts about the child duringpregnancy + myths

Pregnancy – настоящее чудо и таинство. Everything
processes ranging from conception to childbirth, hidden from our eyes,
however, incredible things happen in the body. Even the woman herself
Often notices only growing belly, and realize fact
pregnancy is not so easy. Some interesting and
amazing facts about pregnancy will lift the veil of secrecy and
will help to understand what the processes are happening in this


  1. In the process of conception, the “competition” between sperm cells is simply
    awesome: only one out of 100 thousand has time to fertilize
    ovum. This means that the fact of conception and birth of each
    a particular child is a real miracle, because its probability is 1: 100
  2. With the natural occurrence of pregnancy and other possible
    miracles: sometimes the fertilized egg divides, and from it
    two fetuses develop, and then identical twins are born.
    Sometimes a woman matures two eggs that are fertilized.
    two sperm. As a result of this pregnancy are born
    fraternal twins who may be of different sexes and have
    different genetic set. The percentage of occurrence of polycarpous
    pregnancies not more than 2%, but the use of auxiliary
    reproductive technology has greatly increased the number of births
  3. The heartbeat of the future baby can be heard at 6-7 week.
    Many future mothers at this time go to the ultrasound to listen
    heart and make sure your pregnancy.
  4. Up to 6 weeks, the embryo quietly fits in the uterus, and only after
    this period, the uterus begins to slowly increase.
  5. After 12 weeks, obstetricians call the fetus a fetus. Everything эти
    scientific names are very “cut off hearing” expectant mothers, because for them it is
    since conception is already a favorite baby, even if it represents
    just a few cells.
  6. Somewhere from 10 weeks the child begins to make movements. On
    first ultrasound (12-13 weeks), you can see how actively leads
    kid himself: he turns in different directions, moves his hands and
    legs. It’s just amazing because its physical size is on it.
    term – only about 6 cm.
  7. On сроке до 12 недели происходит закладка всех важных органов и
    systems. Their formation continues until birth, but the moment
    bookmarks very important. To make this process go smoothly,
    Mom should try to eliminate all harmful effects on her
    an organism.
  8. On втором УЗИ (20-21 неделя) уже отлично видно черты лица
    little man and you can see all the parts of the body. Many
    parents have photos with ultrasound, where the baby sucks his finger. By the way
    it is precisely at this time that gender can be unmistakably determined — most importantly,
    to crumb turned the right place to the sensor apparatus.
  9. Despite the fact that at 21 weeks the future mom is already fine
    the tummy is noticeable, the child himself at this time is about the size of
    banana. Most of the volume of the abdomen is occupied by the amniotic fluid,
    enlarged uterus, placenta and subcutaneous fat pad, which
    always formed on the belly of a pregnant woman to protect
  10. Onчиная с 16 недели, ребенок может слышать звуки внешнего мира,
    and by the 24th week, he no longer just hears, but also reacts to his mother’s

Fetal development of the baby contains a lot more
interesting and surprising. To be “in the know”, the future
Mom will be useful every week to read the calendar of pregnancy and
find out what’s new from her baby, what skills he already has
mastered in the tummy, how much it weighs and what it looks like.

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