10 evidence that a newbornbaby is not at all as weak as it seems

Newborn babies from birth have such skills
which may surprise anyone.

A newly born baby seems so weak and
fragile! The new mother’s instincts tell her that
the crumb needs constant care and reverent care. It seems that
the baby can do absolutely nothing and needs help with everything
need maximum protection from the outside world. However, science
think a little differently: babies are surprisingly strong. But parents
should not try to verify in practice approval
researchers to verify the authenticity of this discovery.

новорожденный ребенок

1. A newborn, lying on the mother’s belly, is capable of himself.
get to her chest

Not only the woman who gave birth is full of instincts – her baby too
follows them. If you put the baby on the mother’s belly, he will crawl to
her breasts without help, newborn babies can themselves
crawling to the mother’s nipple – its scent is the strongest
�”Marker” for the baby. The smell of colostrum is similar to amniotic odor.
fluid, which was the habitat for the baby all 9 months. Have
crumbs such a scent is associated with comfort, warmth and

новорожденный на животе у мамы

Interestingly, if the newborn is left in the arms
amniotic fluid, he immediately begins to suck his fingers – this
instantly calm the crumbs.

2. Almost all babies are born with the ability to swim and

95% of newborn babies feel no worse in water than in
normal conditions. Studies have shown that during the voyage
The number of baby’s heartbeats is reduced by 20%, as well as in crumbs
significantly slows down the blood flow. Such physiological indicators
clearly indicate that the child has no fear
water And the diving reflex with which a child is born helps
the newborn to maintain an adequate supply of oxygen for the brain and
hearts. This ability will help the baby for some time.
под water Adults specifically learn to hold their breath to
certain time to stay under water, and babies are born with
such an ability.

грудничок ныряет

But even more surprising is that when a baby is performed
half a year, all of the above skills suddenly disappear.

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3. In the mother’s womb the fetus grows mustache and body hair,
which he eats

By the end of the third month of pregnancy on the body of the fetus grow
hairs. First, they appear above the lip, and then throughout the body.
This cover is called lanugo – it disappears in about a couple
weeks before delivery. The hairs fall out and are absorbed by the fetus along with
amniotic fluid, which he constantly swallows.

4. The fetus has the ability to restore the mother’s body.

If while waiting for a baby, a woman gets any
injuries her baby inside forms a whole stock of stem cells
for quick recovery. Minor malfunctions
internal organs can be regulated by the fetus without the use of
mother of any drugs.

плод ребенка


5. Until 1905, newborns were operated without anesthesia.

Страшно подумать, что в XIX-XX веке врачи считали, что
newborns do not feel pain. This theory has become popular
�”Thanks to” experiments on young animals. Doctors seriously
believed that newborn children do not have a conscious memory that
eliminates the need for pain medication. The reason for such
the shocking rules for conducting operations have become research on
animals: doctors believed that children demonstrate not pain, in all
only the spinal reflex. As a result, the babies were operated without
anesthesia. Indeed, babies are very strong, once kept
such torture.

новорожденных оперировали без анестезии

6. Newborns can drink and breathe at the same time.

Have младенцев существует дыхательная особенность, которой любой
an adult can only envy: babies are able to swallow and
breathe at the same time. The larynx of babies is higher than that of
adults. She does not close the respiratory passage even when the baby
swallows liquid. Newborns can suckle while
fully breathe. This skill persists until approximately 9 months:
by the year the crumbs begin to form a speech apparatus, and
his larynx goes down. For this reason, the ability
at the same time breathe and swallow is lost.

In addition, newborn babies breathe 2 times more often than adults.
Kids can not breathe through the mouth – this skill is acquired
a child later, with the first nasal congestion.

7. Baby acts on mom, like a drug

A newborn baby has a positive effect on mother, delivering her
feeling of joy and total euphoria. When she touches a baby,
feels sincere happiness and during this mom
large amounts of oxytocin are released into the blood. This
the hormone is responsible for pleasure – it reduces pain and
well relaxes muscles. Thanks to the baby’s mother’s body faster
recovering from natural childbirth or postponed
cesarean section.

счастливая мама с новорожденным

8. Fingers of babies do not leave fingerprints.

Have каждого взрослого человека отпечатки пальцев строго
are individual: they are a fat trail. And in children
secretory activity is reduced, so remove the full imprint
fingers is simply impossible. And in newborns they are not covered yet.
sweaty fat due to reduced secretory activity
endocrine glands. That is why the baby’s fingers are so fast.
wrinkling in water.

9. Новорожденного можно поднять за ручки благодаря
grasp reflex

Have ребенка чрезвычайно развит хватательный рефлекс — он быстро
reacts to any touch on his open palm. Baby on
the instinctive level quickly captures everything that falls into his
small handle and securely fixes it. Haveченые говорят, что
thanks to this reflex, the baby can even be raised above
crib. But they do not recommend checking this – the baby can
suddenly loosen your grip.

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хватательный рефлекс

10. Infants remember mom’s language and intonation even before
of birth

While still in my mother’s belly, the crumb is able to recognize
intonation and voice of his mother. When a baby is born, he
begins to adopt them, imitating mom. Haveченые назвали такую
amazing feature of newborns “crying melody.”

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