10 embarrassments that can happen in bed withyoung mom

When a newborn baby appears in the family, personal
life of a man and a woman, of course, does not end, however
the nature of intimate relationships is changing. Quite often not for the better.
the side. The embarrassing situations that are described below are evidence
to that.

сексуальная жизнь после childbirth

  1. In the morning you agreed with your husband that the upcoming evening –
    exclusively for you two, because you are less likely than before the birth of the baby,
    began to pay each other attention in bed. Beautiful underwear ready,
    you are waiting. However, the baby does not want to fall asleep. Finally you
    they laid him down, lay down for a minute next to the crumb … the husband was waiting,
    and you are already sound asleep. In peignoir, with makeup. Well then …
  2. In the midst of caresses, either you or your husband touches a toy in the dark
    crumbs. Nothing wrong! If only the toy was not talking.
    Now you have to continue with the song from the cartoon.
  3. Everything is going fine, you enjoy each other, but the children are
    children: the baby wakes up, cries and needs attention to himself. Well
    can you do about it? Smile, after 20 years you will be able to “revenge” him,
    вернувшись с дачи пораньше.
  4. Your husband is missing, he finally holds you in his arms, gently
    kissing, but why are your thoughts so far? You forgot to buy
    diapers and now not sure whether they will be enough for tomorrow, do not have to
    whether to run to the store, because the child will have no one to leave.
    Switch now from child to husband! Your mother raised you
    without diapers!
  5. You have just started a wonderful prelude to love, but why
    somehow uncomfortable. Milk drips from the breast completely out of place. Chest
    feeding is great, but at the moment it’s not at all
    feeding process …
  6. You are very afraid to get pregnant, because the birth has passed
    too little time. That is why we are ready to apply all possible
    contraceptives immediately. However, one is enough – maximum
    two. Consult with your gynecologist.
  7. You are struggling to restrain yourself, so as not to tell your husband: “But
    and our daddy has come! We were waiting for our sweet daddy! ”
  8. You always thought: “The longer, the better, of course!”
    now suddenly the opinion has changed. Yes, just so sorry to spend now
    time you can use on sleep.
  9. You understand perfectly well that only hormones are to blame, but not
    can handle yourself. Sexual intercourse with a husband causes
    the memory of the wrong joke: “Again, these
    ridiculous gestures? “
  10. Somehow it hurts so much as if it happens to you at first
    time. You convulsively remember what you read on the Internet about
    extra lubricant for comfortable sexual intercourse after
    childbirth. Maybe buy several packages at once to

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