10 educational autumn games for children in the freshthe air

The summer is over, the cold has come – it’s time for the autumn blues, dirt
and rain. The child asks on the street for the next portion of snot.
How can you explain to a child that it’s cold outside, the swing is all wet,
has the sand become cold? What is there to play? And the house is warm, cozy,
a lot of toys …

So, stop! It’s time to look at autumn from a different perspective!
Baby and mother need fresh air all year round, and bad weather
no reason to deny yourself this. Just take a look: multicolored
foliage, a lot of cones, autumn flavor of fallen leaves!

Not time to miss, it’s time to play with your child in the interesting autumn


1. Magic clouds. Remember as a child you
looked at the clouds and tried to see in them a variety
animal figures? It’s time to teach your child to fantasize! Sit down
on the bench, look up …

  • Ask the kid what he sees?
  • Let him show big clouds and small ones.
  • Which way are the clouds moving?
  • What do they look like?

During the game you can tell the child where they come from
clouds and rain.

2. Paper boat. Another interesting game
from our childhood. Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and fold out
he ship Let the baby decorate it with bright colors and give
his name! Then go outside to look for a suitable puddle, or
near the house there is not a big pond? The baby will be fun to watch.
for a floating boat!

3. Where is mom’s leaf? Fascinating game with
leaves. Collect various fallen leaves with your child,
Be sure to call the baby their names: “this one has a mom
name is birch, let’s help him find his mother? “And together look for it
tree. Then, after the discovery, proceed to the other leaves. Behind
You can collect a whole herbarium for an hour! Save it in a notebook and
show in winter to your baby.

4. Merry autumn. This game will help the child
remember this time of year will improve the reaction and attention, introduce
with natural phenomena. Mom is enough to call the team:

  • �”Sun” – the child must run, jump, wave his hands and
  • �”Ice” – the child freezes in place.
  • �”Thunder” – the child should crouch and cover his head with his hands.
  • �”Rain” – the child runs to the parent and hides under an umbrella.

5. Ptichkina feeder. Walk with your child
in the park or forest. Watch the birds. Show baby
different birds, pronouncing their names. Tell me how hard it is for them
living in the cold, how difficult it is to get food. Take with you
a handful of millet or seeds. Feed the birds and offer together
to make a feeder for them, so that they would always be full. For
of this you can take a simple juice box, cut a window and
put there cereals. Behindтем подвязать за ниточку к дереву. This game
instills child love and care for animals.

6. Autumn treasure. Choose a location where there are many
fallen leaves, take with you some not big toys,
You can even buy chupa chups and kinder surprises. Behindтем, пока ребенок
Don’t see hide foliage surprises. And tell your child:
�“An autumn fairy flew in and hid a treasure for you in the leaves! Come on
we will find him together ?! ”. It will be very fun and interesting!


7. We are looking and laid out. For начала нужно найти
3 autumn items, such as cones, acorns and chestnuts. Collect them in
handful and ask the child with closed eyes to spread them out
separately. Baby will be very interested! This will
develop motility and imagination. After sorting you can
count the items.

8. Fingers-lightning. We play with the child in
пальчики на свежем the air. Speak simple sentences to your child
and the baby should portray them on his fingers:

  • The rain drips “Kap-kap” – the child knocks fingers.
  • Suddenly a strong wind blew – the child blows on his fingers.
  • Rustling leaves on the trees – the child moves his
  • Then the leaves fall to the ground – the child moves his fingers and
    slowly lowers hands down.
  • Suddenly hail will fall on the leaves – the baby starts to knock
  • The cold came and the snow covered all the leaves – the baby smoothly
    hands making back and forth.

9. Create and decorate. In the fall of the child
will certainly wake up the creative beginning. Many bright colors
inspire your baby to create beautiful and interesting! In addition to the herbarium
You can collect a lot of crafts and jewelry. Look around
a bunch of fancy twigs, lumps, cones! Arm yourself with glue
scissors, plasticine!

With girls you can do:

  • Beads from mountain ash and acorns.
  • A skirt from maple leaves.
  • Furniture for the dollhouse of acorns, twigs and

With boys you can do:

  • Typewriter from twigs, acorns and cones.
  • Draw a tree on a Whatman paper and stick real branches to it
    and leaves.

You can collect a lot of cones and acorns and decorate the ground in the house
flower pots a variety of patterns. In general, include
fantasy and create!

10. Autumn tales. In good clear weather
Invite a child to play a living fairy tale. Your task
to tell a fairy tale, and the baby will depict it:

  • Autumn has come – the child can step forward, straighten
  • The boy went for a walk in the forest – the child takes a few steps and
    marching hands.
  • Suddenly the boy saw a den, and there a bear sleeps and snores loudly
    – the child depicts a sleeping snoring bear.
  • Then the boy met a hamster, which makes stocks and
    gathers grain in the mouth – the child puffs up his cheeks and makes chewing
  • Suddenly it became cold – the child begins to pinch and
  • Night comes and the boy wants to sleep – the child is yawning.
  • The boy comes home and goes to bed – the child folds
    palms and puts under the cheek.

You can also play with the child’s mimicry:

  • Show joyful bear? And angry?
  • Show Sated squirrel? And hungry?
  • How does a hedgehog collect apples? And the birds are pecking grains?
  • These games develop fantasy, thinking and
    facial expressions.

All these exciting games will help you and the child not to lose heart in
this autumn season. Combine business with pleasure!

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