10 dangerous things that many moms do withbabies

Newborn babies are very vulnerable, fragile and tender.
creation. And their mothers are exhausted, tortured and tired. Exactly
therefore, they unwittingly can sometimes do what is capable of causing
harm to the baby.


  1. Do not help the child to regurgitate. It is not very
    nice, but necessary for the health of the crumbs. Excess air and
    a surplus of milk will bring discomfort to the baby (and
  2. Offer the child water, solder.
    Modern experts say that water is not needed at all.
    infants: neither to those who drink mother’s milk, nor to the “slanders”.
    Milk or mixture will be enough. Harmless seemingly
    �”Vodichka” gives a tremendous burden on the kidneys of the crumbs and can
    provoke toxic shock. We read a detailed article about
    Is it necessary (and can it be) to give water to newborns in an infant,
    artificial, mixed feeding? Water with hiccups.
  3. Use ordinary powder. Certified
    детские стиральные средства и порошки, созданные специально
    for children’s things, these are not just marketers’ tricks. �”Adults”
    powders do contain a lot of harmful chemicals that
    will accumulate in the child’s body.
  4. Call on everyone in a row. Doctors advise
    to listen to the advice of grandmothers and not to let anyone who wants to
    visit the baby (at least in the first weeks). And no kisses in
    little face – proven to be the best way to transmit infections.
  5. Decorate the crib. Bows and decorations
    bumpers, ruffles, pads — it’s very cute, but insecure. To
    reduce the risk of SIDS, remove all unnecessary items and leave only
    comfortable hard mattress and sheet with elastic band.
  6. Put to sleep in the car seat or chaise longue. Many
    children sleep well in these “beds”, but doctors do not recommend
    to rock children in such a way: it’s detrimental to the weak
  7. Do not spread on the stomach. Many children are not
    like when parents lay them on their tummy and they start
    loudly protest against this procedure, but every kid should
    learn to raise and hold the head lying on the tummy – this
    vital skill for a newborn baby. Read an article about
    how to lay out the baby on the tummy.
  8. Use cotton buds to clean
    This is a vulnerable part of the body, and especially in babies.
    Запомните: в уши новорожденного ничем нельзя
    climb up. Even “special” baby wands with limiters can
    traumatize the crumb and it can end badly. Neatly
    remove the discharge that appears at the exit of the ear canal.
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    newborn baby.
  9. Allow to use gadgets. Modern
    children already a few months old can long stick in
    tablet or smartphone. Mommies will turn on bright cartoons and rejoice
    free time, but they don’t think about
    how bad it is. Vision, hearing and nervous system suffer
    baby The impact of the tablet on the child: 10 reasons to tell the tablet
  10. Forget about careful sterilization of objects.
    In no case can not lick the nipple – it is not hygienic! Yes and
    microbes are not asleep!

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