10 commandments of healthy bathing crumbs

  1. Baby bathing procedure should be
    �“Why,” you ask, “after all, crumbs, everything
    время находящемуся в кроватке, негде испачкаться?»
    А затем,
    that when bathing a baby, parents not only care about its cleanliness
    body, but also create him some physical activity, giving
    the opportunity to relax and relieve tension from the muscles in
    постоянном тонусе.
  2. kak-kupat-novorozhdennogo-rebenka

    Родителям следует запомнить: принятие
    daily bath is a completely everyday procedure, participate in
    which should only the baby himself and the one who bathes him. Inexperienced
    parents often wonder which bath is more
    suitable for this. An excellent option is a bath with a stopper,
    allowing to drain water after the procedure. For swimming
    baby of the first weeks of life you can use all sorts of
    devices (mattresses, “slides”) that make the procedure more
    safe. By supporting the crumbs, they facilitate the task and relieve
    mother from excessive anxiety. Bathing an older baby (starting
    с месячного возраста) можно осуществлять уже в большой ванне.
    From the baby bath the baby quickly grows: it limits
    freedom of his active movements. You also know the picture when
    a five-kilogram child, hunched up, floundering in close
    plastic pot? It is difficult to expect from such bathing
    any good. Immediately translate the burly man into the spacious
    a bath.
  3. The temperature of the water in the bath should not exceed 36
    . Более низкая температура воды иногда даже
    is welcome. Punctual parents to make sure that
    bathe the baby in the water of the desired temperature, can use different
    types of thermometers (for example, alcohol or electric). Everything
    others can use the old way, dropping into the water
    the elbow: the absence of any sensations at the same time suggests that
    water temperature is equal to body temperature. In the process of bathing is not
    hot water should be added to the bath: water cooling
    will naturally harden the baby.
  4. It is not advisable that the air temperature in the bathroom
    the room was above normal room temperature (~ 22
    . During купания желательно не закрывать
    bathroom door. Fears associated with fear of chilling
    baby, completely unfounded: it is much more dangerous to bring him out
    steam room in a room with a lower temperature. So
    permanently too hot for a baby
    (above 25 degrees) indoors: in this case, a cold
    will become his constant companions in the future. To break down
    natural thermoregulation of the infant organism is sufficient
    overheat it several times. Restore normal heat transfer
    will be much more difficult.
  5. For swimming крохи вполне подходит обычная водопроводная
    water, no boiling is required.
    Not worth it
    dramatize the situation if the baby accidentally sip some water right
    from the bath: some kids even like it. No harm from
    этого не будет (We read также: в какой воде
    bathe a newborn baby, boil water, add
    potassium permanganate?).
  6. Is it dangerous to get water in your ear? During
    bathing it happens often enough; particular danger this too
    does not represent, therefore it is not necessary to close the ears of the crumbs
    cotton wool But to dry them after bathing with cotton wool sweaters
    not prevent.
  7. Is it permissible to bathe in a bath together with
    Замечено, что даже очень пугливые и
    naughty children happily bathe in one bath with their beloved
    mommy Occasionally you can afford such procedures.
    (of course, if the mother has no infectious diseases),
    including active games using special
    educational toys (bath toys), however, to introduce such
    bathing in daily practice is not worth it. We read
    Можно ли купаться в одной ванне вместе с
    newborn? Opinion of doctors and mummies
  8. During купания кроха должен активно
    The tiniest (up to three months) babies
    enough to give the opportunity to swim in a large bath on the tummy
    (with mom’s support for the chin and tummy) or on the back
    (it is necessary to support the crumbs head). Any child activity
    manifested in the vigorous swinging of arms and legs, it is worth in every way
    поощрять (читаем также: грудничковое плавание).
    This not only helps to relax his muscles, but also allows
    get rid of excess energy. Tired, pipsqueak faster fall asleep
    healthy sound sleep. Если же малыш во время купания ведет
    yourself too sluggish, it most likely indicates that
    baby is too hot.
  9. Fear of water often develops in children because of
    negative bathing experience.
    Crumbs can scare too
    bright lighting, loud sounds, parent “hysteria” about
    accidental immersion of the baby in water. Remembering that procedure
    bathing should bring pleasure to the child, parents should
    to create for this all conditions, eliminating any factors that can
    cause him even the slightest discomfort. Not worth it устраивать developments
    from this routine procedure. At this moment completely unacceptable
    excited cries, vanity, every minute measurements of water temperature in
    bath and attempts to protect the crumbs from nonexistent drafts (that
    do if the child is afraid to bathe in the bathroom).
  10. При купании крохи не стоит: уподоблять ванную
    a room for a steam room, a diaper on the bottom of the bath,
    to cover with her the bare shoulders of the baby, not covered with water,
    pour a large amount of special bathing into the water
    (intended even for the most sensitive skin), leave
    baby in the bathroom unattended even for one second.

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