10 causes of headache in the forehead – to whatto the doctor to address?

Update: November 2018 Any localization headache has
literally a thousand reasons, from the banal overwork to serious
diseases such as malignant neoplasms of the brain.
A headache in the forehead is one of the options for localizing pain in
the head and its causes can be briefly divided into 5
types: domestic toxic poisoning, infectious
diseases, head injuries, disorders of the nervous system, diseases
of cardio-vascular system. We take a closer look at all possible
causes of such pain.

1 Reason: Household poisoning with various toxic substances.
and the use of certain foods and additives

About the presence of some toxic chemicals in items
life, many do not even think. But today it is
especially relevant. Очень часто pain  у forehead бывает у продавцов
industrial goods or warehouse employees. Why is this happening?
The modern market, especially in Russia, is saturated with various
substandard Chinese goods produced with
using very toxic substances, this applies to plastic,
dyes for fabrics and toys for children, as well as carpet products
and home appliances.

Buying such things, many do not think why it started.
headaches and after some time they gradually pass. And you
analyze the latest purchases made by you, it concerns and
furniture, and building materials for small or capital
repair. After some time – 1-1.5 months after the purchase of pain in
the head begins to subside as the natural happens
weathered fresh paint, plastic, chemical coatings and man
forgets about it.

When buying any goods – smell it! Avoid
acquire cheap household appliances, furniture, building
materials, fabrics with a strong chemical smell, especially
you have to be careful when buying goods for children – clothes,
toys. Of course, over time, the smell fades, but chronic
poisoning does not just cause a headache, but also harm the immune
system of both adults and children.

Today, many foods contain dietary supplements that
have an impact on health, especially with their frequent use
a lot:

  • these are nitrates and nitrites both in plant products and in
  • chemical food additives – all flavor enhancers, glutamate
    sodium also provoke headache
  • in people prone to food allergies after drinking
    products causing allergies may appear pain in the area
  • alcoholic beverages, especially beer and wine
  • chocolate, nuts, cheese – contain tyramine, which causes headache
  • caffeine-containing coffee and beverages that are abused
    may also cause pain in the head.

2 Reason: Sinusitis, Frontitis, Etmoiditis and other diseases of Lor

With постоянных болях в области forehead, выделениях из носа,
temperature should contact the otolaryngologist

Они также сопровождаются характерной головной painю, когда
inflammatory processes occur in the ethmoid, frontal, maxillary

  • Фронтит — при этом заболевании сильно болит именно лоб, pain
    occurs most often in the morning, during the day it tends to
    decrease, the intensity of the pain can vary from mild to
    unbearable, this is due to the filling and outflow of purulent
    contents of the frontal sinuses.
  • Sinusitis is a common disease with characteristic
    symptoms of general intoxication, pain from the lower edge of the eyes to the cheekbone,
    сильная pain во лбу может отдавать при наклоне головы. With
    antritis also increases body temperature and appear purulent
    discharge from the nose. There are rare cases when with chronic
    процессе кроме головной боли и неpainшого насморка, субфебрильной
    температуры, человека ничего painше не беспокоит. More about
    Signs of sinusitis in adults, read our article.
  • Etmoiditis – inflammation of the ethmoid sinus, located in
    the depth of the skull behind the nose. Most often this disease occurs in children
    pre-school age and in adults whose immune system is weakened
    chronic diseases and also due to viral pathologies
    nasopharynx. With этмоидите головная pain во лбу тоже возникает в
    конкретное время дня, периодически, у painного наблюдаются симптомы
    general intoxication – fever, weakness, runny nose, etc.

3 Withчина: Вирусные и инфекционные заболевания

These reasons are quite obvious, because with these diseases
most often there is a general intoxication of the body, high
body temperature, pain in the joints, muscles.

  • Influenza, SARS, colds – As a rule, these diseases begin
    with headache in the forehead, temples, above the eyebrows, around the eyes, and only
    after the main symptoms of the virus and cold.
  • Менингит, энцефалит — головная pain при этих заболеваниях может
    быть локализована и в районе forehead, висков, а также затылке и прочих
    head areas. With менингите и энцефалите возможна также потеря
    consciousness, neurological symptoms, these are very serious
    severe disease requiring therapy.
  • Fever Germiston, Rift, Dengue, Ilesha, Ithaki, Marituba, Katu
    and so forth. These are viral diseases transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes in
    southern countries. Fans of traveling around the world risk getting infected
    any of the many types of fevers that also
    characterized by symptoms of intoxication and strong headaches
    pains, including in the frontal part of the head.

To identify and treat such diseases should be addressed.
for advice to an infectious disease disease.

4 Withчина: Заболевания нервной системы

The most common diseases that cause frontal headaches
pains are:

  • Кластерные, пучковые боли —  резкие пульсирующие боли в
    районе forehead, при которых также происходит покраснение eye и
    lacrimation. They both arise and disappear suddenly, there are
    so agonizing that a person cannot even sleep. More often
    the triggering factor of their appearance is smoking, drinking
    alcohol or climate change. Exacerbations of such pains occur in
    autumn and spring time. Withроду и причины их возникновения медицина
    until he knows for sure.
  • Neuralgia of the trigeminal or optic nerve – while
    diseases of pain in the face are localized along the trigeminal
    nerve, around the eyes, by the nature of pain stabbing, shooting through,
    acute, the occurrence of which can be triggered
    by touch, temperature difference – from hot or cold
  • Migraine – a common disease that everyone suffers
    tenth person. These are periodic intense throbbing pains,
    starting at the temple, then gradually spreading to the eye socket,
    лоб, затылок, чаще всего они односторонние, либо в левой части forehead,
    either on the right. In addition, nausea, tinnitus,
    weakness, goose bumps, dizziness. For today
    day there are new modern drugs prescribed by a doctor in
    cases of severe headaches – triptans for migraine. it
    проверенные и эффективные средства, снимающие головную pain при
    migraine attacks.
  • Various neuroses – pains can be with increased
    excitability, neurasthenia, suspiciousness, various forms
    neurosis. However, if all the main causes of headaches
    болей в области forehead исключены, и отсутствуют любые другие симптомы,
    only in this case we can talk about the diagnosis of neurosis.

Обращаться следует  к to the neurologist.

5 Withчина: Ушибы, переломы, сотрясения мозга

it самые очевидные причины. It should be noted that for any
head injuries should be excluded concussion, so if
besides the pain in the forehead after a bruise or injury of a person is worried about vomiting,
nausea, decreased visual acuity, dizziness, even loss
consciousness, should immediately call an ambulance.

6 Withчина: Заболевания сердечно-сосудистой системы

it одни из самых частых причин головных болей у forehead, при
high or low blood pressure they may be
different intensity. With этом головная pain может
localize in the temples and in the nape.

  • Повышенное внутричерепное давление — With этом pain в районе forehead
    arise due to irritation of nerve endings and man
    начинает испытывать сдавливающую или распирающую головную pain. it
    the disease develops with hypertension, atherosclerosis, diseases
    kidney, vascular dystonia, as a consequence of cervical
    osteochondrosis, heart defects, and also from overwork and
    poisoning with various chemicals.
  • Пониженное внутричерепное давление — при этом pain носит
    shingles, occurs in people with low arterial
    pressure, with diseases of the thyroid gland or adrenal glands, with
    atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, after excessive physical exertion,
    prolonged fatigue, stress.

7 Withчина: Остеохондроз шейного отдела позвоночника

Nowadays it is a very common disease that
almost the entire urban population is middle and old
age Withчины болей в районе forehead при этом служит защемление,
сдавливание корешков спинного мозга, человек описывает эту pain как
– aching, pressing, pulling, shooting through. In addition to headaches
this disease is also characterized by poor coordination
movements, burning, tingling, goosebumps on the scalp, neck,
dizziness, tinnitus, etc.

8 Withчина: Повышенное внутриeyeное давление, заболевания

Болит в районе forehead

Which doctor should be treated with pressure? To the therapist, cardiologist,
to the neurologist

Ocular pathological processes, such as optic neuritis
nerve, astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia, conjunctivitis,
uveitis and other diseases, especially those associated with high
внутриeyeным давлением —  также приводят к лобной боли.

In addition, today the person working for
компьютером в течении всего рабочего дня, от eyeного напряжения
various headaches also occur. Should be addressed to

9 Withчина: Боль от напряжения

With длительном напряжении мышц шеи могут возникать боли,
распространяющиеся от шеи к вискам, eyeам, лбу и затылку,
combined with nausea, dizziness. Такая pain чаще всего
an oppressive feeling like a hoop squeezing around
heads,  it may appear in humans after a long
stress, short-term intense nervous tension.

10 Reason: Malignant tumors.

The most serious, terrible cause of headaches
lies in the oncological direction. To diseases in which
characteristic development of persistent pain in the forehead area
the following: vascular tumors, tumor of the frontal lobe of the brain, frontal
bones, maxillary and frontal sinuses, pituitary tumor,
eye sockets.

Most often, the person is in the early stages listed
oncologic processes complains to a neurologist, and then
after the diagnosis is observed and is being treated by an oncologist.

11 How to get rid of pain

How to remove pain and a list of headache pills can
найти здесь.

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