10 arguments in favor of a large family

A large family is considered to be a family where they are brought up
three or more children. According to modern research such
family can be considered the best option for normal development
and the social formation of the child. From the number of children to any
other factors depend on the family, such as efficiency
educational process, harmony in relations between spouses,
relationship between children. Ниже приведены десять основных
arguments in favor of a large family.


Argument 1

В многодетных семьях вырастают более отзывчивые, добрые по
relation to each other and other people are children. In such a cell of society
interpersonal cohesion is much higher. This term means
the balance of actions of all family members, the ability to quickly
make a single decision. Therefore, families with many children are more

Argument 2

A child from a large family grows more sociable and
outgoing. Such qualities parents do not have to separately
развивать, поскольку дети воспитываются «автоматически» в
the result of constant communication with each other (between brothers and
sisters). Коммуникабельным людям проще добиться успеха в
разных областях и такие люди всегда приятны окружающим.

Argument 3

Children have a fairly large influence on the relationship between
spouses. They are the result of their love, therefore they strengthen and
unite family. With every baby born, the relationship between
parents go to a new level. Feelings are getting stronger on
background of increasing responsibility. Divorces in
многодетных семьях значительно реже где, к примеру, один
child. Spouses have something to appreciate and what to fight for, they live
together a long and fulfilling life.

Argument 4

Many parents do not want to have more than one child tying
birth of children with economic difficulties and high costs
their content. Often the basis of this decision is the saying:
�“Why poverty produce?”. However, the only child in the family
receiving all the love of parents and all sorts of material
values, can grow a real egoist. Such children think
only about yourself, forcing parents to spend more and more on
your whims. The result is that one child is selfish
will require much more cost than a few children.


Now it is considered that the main reason for having small children is
economic character. This is nothing more than a myth. Even very rich
people in our time do not want to have more than two children. When their
they ask why, because there are conditions and prosperity, the answer
always the same: “now it’s all so”, “it’s more convenient”.

Parents of two or more children talk about paradoxical
patterns: with the advent of each child marital
well-being is improving. This is easily explained. Responsible
spouses independently begin to look for all sorts of ways that
will help improve the financial situation of the family. Meaning children
become an incentive to improve family well-being.

Argument 5

A large family creates a person’s image of a successful, strong
a man who knowingly lives his life. He can with pride
say: “Are you weak?” For example, in the Caucasus, where people are famous
hot temper and proud temper, a large family is considered
by tradition.

Our ancestors had the same life attitudes. But,
the breakdown in the moral sphere has led to
modern society is gradually moving away from the love of children. Everything
more progresses massive “childbearing”, which leads to
low fertility.

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Argument 6


A large number of children in the family is a contribution that
впоследствии будет приносить огромные проценты в виде ответной
love Nowadays there are many lonely pensioners who have
There are no children at all, or there are, but relationships with them have not developed
and to whom there is no one to submit even a cup of water !. Very scary to live
the rest of your life alone when the support and help of loved ones
especially needed.

большая семья

Just 100 years ago, such problems were rare, and not only
due to the fact that education was based on other value
landmarks. Детей в семьях было много, и среди них всегда были
caring children who could take care of their loved ones
parents, when they reached old age. Today’s
одинокие пенсионеры оказываются в в одиночестве только
for having only one or two children. What is it like
times the consequences of having small children. Someone’s son went to live in another
город, у кого-то дочь не нашла общий язык с родителем, а у
Someone’s only child, did not justify the hopes placed on him.
If there were more children, then the chances of caring attitude in
old age would be higher. It’s hard enough to meet a big father
reached old age from which all would have turned away
children. At least someone, but will help. Therefore, the birth of children is
reliable investment in your own future.

Argument 7

Spouses who decide to have more than two children distinguishes
extraordinary love of life and some special courage. After all
only a strong-willed person with a high degree
responsibility, able to decide how many children will be in his family.
To create a large family, you must have a certain
courage, the ability not to go on about the crowd. Large parents with
successfully withstand various stressful situations, they try not to
exchanging small things because nurturing, health and
The welfare of children always come first.

Argument 8

Parents of a large family are a kind of architects
which brick by brick create a new social cell, completely
unlike the others. You do not need any additional
education and special skills. Creating a real family is
unique way of social creativity, thanks to which
true masterpieces appear.


Many have heard the famous epithet, saying that the main
decoration of any room are children, placed in the corners. But
In every joke there is a huge part of the truth of life. What could be
more touching, meeting children from work, who shouting: “Mom
has come! ”, they rush to the front door. Parents who have experienced happiness
have children will never be able to exchange it for others

Your boss, for example, makes more money, but he
unhappy man – he has no children. He may not be sometimes
knows for whom and for what lives. And you, returning from work,
open the door and suddenly you hear a loud, many-voiced cry: “Dad!”
(or “Mom!”) – and six, or even eight children’s hands are wrapped around your
the neck. And isn’t that the most important thing in life?

Argument 9

Large parents withпособны жертвовать многим ради своих
children In our time, such altruists are quite few. Today not
every woman abandons a career in order to engage
своей семьей и children Modern, small family model
gradually leads developed countries to the inability to provide
own reproduction. As a result, the territory gradually
inhabited by other nations. For example, in Paris is very
The saying goes: “France is a country in which
the French lived. ” Most likely, this phrase today is relevant not only
for france.

In our country it is already difficult to meet people who can easily
пожертвовать своим благополучием ради children In families where there are many
Children, this quality always comes first. Parents
sacrifice their specific comfort zone to ensure it
to my children.

Argument 10

The large group of society benefits first
by the children themselves. They are not doomed to loneliness, because always near
a helping hand extended by relatives — brothers or sisters. They
always help with advice or deed, support in difficult times.

The main meaning of life is considered to be the ability of a person.
оставить что-то после себя: построить дом, посадить дерево,
make some kind of discovery or write a book. Baby is the best
heritage. Children are our continuation in everything: in deeds, deeds,
thoughts. Дети — это продолжение вас! BUT
if you have several children, it means that you are
after and left.

Try to predict the future. Will it not be easier?
advance in your daughter’s life knowing that two or three of her elders
brothers will always give good advice, support and come to the rescue
Hard time?

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