1 week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy – можно ли здесь действительно говорить о
term? Or is this period conditional rather than real? Why
is the concept of the first week so contradictory? All these questions
very important when planning a pregnancy. It will be interesting to those
who already counts the days in a special calendar and wonders: yes or

The content of the article

  • 1 Terms of pregnancy: confusion or logic?
  • 2 For those preparing
  • 3 What does a woman feel?
  • 4 Changes in the female body
    • 4.1 Признаки и проявления
    • 4.2 Плод на 1 неделе беременности
    • 4.3 Pregnancy test: a positive result or his
      lack of?
    • 4.4 And what will the ultrasound show?
    • 4.5 The nature of vaginal discharge
  • 5 Time to go on a diet?
  • 6 What else to pay attention to?
    • 6.1 Видео гид: 1 week of pregnancy описание, ощущения,
      selection, fetal development, photo and ultrasound in 1 week

1 week of pregnancy

Terms of pregnancy: confusion or logic?

You can often hear the question: is there even a period like
one week of pregnancy? And how is the counting done? Modern
science offers two approaches. The first is obstetric, the second is

  1. The obstetric approach suggests that the exact time of conception
    it is very difficult to install. Especially if a woman lives a regular
    sex life. therefore начало беременности считается от
    первого дня последней менструации
    . The advantage of this approach is in
    its simplicity, minus – in the contradiction of the concept of “first week”.
  2. With an embryonic approach, it is believed that pregnancy
    наступает в середине цикла
    . It is during this period that
    most women ovulate, that is, time
    readiness of the egg for fertilization. Plus this method of calculation
    – in greater accuracy, minus lies in the individual features
    female body. After all, the definition of ovulation even in our
    advanced time is not easy.

Obstetric approach takes a full term of pregnancy at 40
weeks, embryonic – at 38. One way or another, doctors will
calculate all terms by obstetric method.

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For those who are preparing

If a couple is planning a pregnancy, then week 1 in this case is
more specific concept. Potential parents especially important
something to check.

Future mom

Pregnancy и роды – это истинный труд. Weak
a woman will be very hard to deal with him. therefore нужно ещё до
pregnancy to take care of your health. To cure a “forgotten” tooth,
and if there are chronic diseases, visit specialists. Highly
good to do sports, which will help with pregnancy. Let be
it will be swimming or yoga.

Future father

Ideas about the child and the child itself – the essence is sometimes very
various. Especially when it comes to firstborn. Does the father understand
future baby, that soon everything will change?
The financial situation of the family, the psychology of relationships, beloved woman
– a lot will be different. Preparing the future father question
rather moral and psychological, but still very

Common actions

Ideally, both potential parents should stop smoking and
refuse any doses of alcohol at least three months before
alleged conception. So the future baby will increase the chances
be born healthy. It is also advisable to check the quality.
food, do not make long trips with extreme climate change and
don’t overwork This is especially important for women.

What does a woman feel?

организм женщины на первой неделе беременности

From an obstetric point of view, the first week of pregnancy is
period of menstruation plus, perhaps a couple of days after it. So that
особых ощущений при этом нет – всё как обычно.
Painful periods, unfortunately, such will be. Lucky women
which “critical days” are not unsettling, will also hold this
week without features. Here are the most frequent feelings of women in
menstruation period:

  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • nausea, sometimes vomiting;
  • increased or decreased appetite;
  • intestinal disturbances (flatulence, diarrhea, constipation);
  • change in blood pressure in one direction or another;
  • emotionally – mood swings, depression or increased

If we talk about the embryonic period, the first week after
conception takes place for the most part without any physical sensations.
A woman who is planning a pregnancy can feel
some rise and at the same time alarm. After all, her main question is
состоялось зачатие или not? And if conception is allowed, but not
planned specially, the expectant mother can do nothing at all
not to feel.

Changes in the female body


The uterus of the woman already “knows”: fertilization has not happened yet.
therefore в маточной полости отделяется от стенок слой эндометрия и
comes out with some blood. Simultaneously formed
a new endometrium that may take fertilized
ovum. There are often contractions and muscle tension.
uterus, and the woman feels pain in the lower abdomen. If planned
pregnancy, taking analgesics is better to give up and just
to endure. Even on the eve of conception, many drugs
already harmful. All these observations concern obstetric term.


If the first week is in the fetal plan, here
изменения уже более явные
. Fertilization took place, the whole
the woman’s body has already received many signals and started
restructuring, in the first place – hormonal. Henceforth activity
any internal organ or system will take into account the new
state of “mistress”.


Признаки и проявления

Признаки беременности на 1 неделе

In the obstetric approach, there are no signs of pregnancy in
The first week of speech is not. After all, pregnancy is actually not yet
has come. If gestational age 1 week is considered in
embryonic plan, this period can also
distinguish themselves, and maybe a little “show off.”

The main feature is implantation.
. It marks a binding
fertilized ovum in the uterine cavity. Most often it’s a little
noticeable pink discharge of a spotting character. A woman can generally
do not pay attention to them, so this is a manifestation of a new
states will pass unnoticed.

Плод на 1 неделе беременности

Both in obstetric and fetal terms of the fetus as such
not. In the first case, conception has not happened yet, in the second –
the active division of the germ cells of the future is just beginning
baby Moreover, the child already has half of the hereditary
signs of mother and half – father. But how and what is it
manifest, parents will not know soon.

Pregnancy test: a positive result or his
lack of?

1 неделя тест покажет или нет

Even the most advanced pharmacy tests can show
pregnancy no earlier than a few days before menstruation. therefore
regardless of the method for determining the period of such a sample at the first
week ineffective or useless at all. Better little

If you really can not wait, you can donate blood for HCG
(human chorionic gonadotropin). The content of this substance in
a woman’s blood rises when pregnancy occurs. But this
method of determining pregnancy will be effective only after
first embryonic week.

And what will the ultrasound show?

узи на 1 неделе

A scan of the uterine cavity and ovaries is done in the event that
if a woman has been planning pregnancy for a long time. Procedure
will help clarify the timing of ovulation. Ultrasound will show the degree of maturity
follicle, general readiness of the uterine cavity. More
informativity from the study at such a short time not to wait
have to.

The nature of vaginal discharge

Before ovulation, most women see clear and transparent
pretty liquid discharge. They become thicker and more viscous.
similar to egg white when an egg matures. Then
discharge more thicker. So the female body protects
ovum from external infections and adverse environment.

Time to go on a diet?

If a woman is serious about planning a pregnancy, oh
diet should worry in advance. It is important not to commit
one common mistake. For some reason, some potential
moms think they just have to absorb an increased amount
calories. But there is just no need for two. Overweight future
Mom is not an assistant.

Even at the earliest possible time, a woman’s diet should include:

  • only lean meat;
  • fish, on the contrary, is fat;
  • fresh vegetables (ideally – one third of the total diet);
  • dairy products;
  • fresh fruits.

It is desirable to exclude or at least limit the nutrition
the amount of sugar and animal fats.

The way of cooking also matters. Everything is fried,
smoked and spicy will have to limit. It is better not to drink strong coffee
and / or tea.

беременность и алкоголь

Often there are disputes about alcohol. Some say a glass
champagne or good wine does not hurt at all. Other
they say that “there will be nothing from beer”. And yet
opinions are not professional and only talk about misunderstanding
harm of alcohol. Not by chance when planning a pregnancy from him
recommend to refuse at least a few months before
alleged conception.

Alcohol – the undoubted enemy of the future baby on any
сроке, и отказываться от него надо обязательно

What else should be included in the diet? These are vitamins. there is
special complexes for pregnant women or those who are planning
conception. If a woman is seen by a doctor, he may prescribe
folic acid (this can be done 2-3 months before
possible conception). This drug reduces hereditary problems
reduces the negative impact of various external factors, and
also improves the condition of the fetus. Also expectant mothers may be
Antioxidants are prescribed – for additional support and improvement
states of the whole organism. All medicinal and vitamin
препараты должен назначать врач-специалист
. Tips girlfriends,
online forums or even a pharmacy employee might turn up
are wrong.

What else to pay attention to?

there is много всего, что уже на первой неделе (неважно, по какой
methodology) a future mother can do for her baby and for herself.
The basic recommendations are simple:

  • positive emotions;
  • mood for motherhood (especially if pregnancy
  • walks in the open air;
  • healthy and full sleep.

And a little about sad things. If there is a cat or dog at home,
take some action. These animals can be carriers
токсоплазмоза, который очень опасен для будущего baby Can
take the animals to the vet and make tests, and even the woman herself
pass tests. And it is also important to carefully comply with hygiene standards:
do not try “to salt” raw meat (it can also be infected),
do not feed them pets, to clean the cat litter in
gloves and wash hands thoroughly.

If pregnancy is planned or suspected, by no means
case, you can not do radiological examinations. Irradiation
крайне опасно для будущего малыша вне зависимости от term.

Avoid crowds, especially during the season.
epidemics of colds and / or viral infections.

         2 неделя

The first week of pregnancy largely determines how
целом будет ожидание baby
That is why issues
Conception is important to pay special attention. And then many problems
just will not arise, and the expectation of the child will be bright and joyful
by time.

Видео гид: 1 week of pregnancy описание, ощущения,
selection, fetal development, photo and ultrasound in 1 week

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